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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

AI hoodie mockup inspiration

Need ideas? Recrafters are full of them. Check out the community gallery to see custom hoodie, crewneck and sweater ideas.

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How hoodie mockup generator works

Upgrade your style or amplify your brand with hoodies and sweatshirts you can't get anywhere else. Recraft's mockup generator lets you create personalized hoodie designs in four simple steps.
Select the mockup tool.
Click "Mockup" in the project panel or click the "New mockup" icon in the toolbar.
Generate a hoodie template.
Describe the hoodie base you'd like to see using the text-to-image prompt. Click Recraft. Your template will appear with a blank design layer on top.
Generate or upload a design.
Type another prompt to generate an AI image, select any image from the gallery, or upload a design and drop it in. Layer as many images as you want!
Edit and export.
Edit the design till perfection. Export your hoodie mockup as a JPG or PNG.

Custom hoodie mockups in seconds

Quickly generate unique graphics on hoodie mockups with Recraft's built-in AI design tools. Edit and export across mockup bases in under a minute.

Lifelike designs for any aesthetic

Recraft's AI mockups are always proportional and realistic. For even more detail, enhance the images on your hoodies or sweaters with AI upscaling.
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Hoodie generator FAQ

What is a mockup?

A mockup is a realistic rendering of a product that lets you showcase what your designs will look like in the real world. A hoodie is just one of many bases you can use to display your designs. Other common use cases include product design mockups, branding kit mockups and digital display mockups.

How does Recraft's AI hoodie generator work?

Generate your hoodie or sweatshirt template using a text-to-image AI prompt. Then, use the AI image generator to create a design. You can drop your design right onto the template and Recraft stretches it to fit. Lastly, export your custom hoodie design and use it anywhere you want!

How long does it take to generate a hoodie design using Recraft?

Less than a minute! You'll just need to have a prompt and style in mind to generate your mockup.

Do I need design experience to create AI hoodie mockups?

There's no need for prior design experience. Recraft's AI hoodie generator is intuitive and user-friendly for anyone. The canvas even includes written and video instructions if you need a little help.

Can I layer more than one image on my hoodie mockup?

Definitely! You can add anything from illustrations to photorealistic images or even logos on your base.

What types of hoodie or sweater mockups can I make?

You can create various mockups including crew neck sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, quarter-zip sweaters, athletic sweaters and more. Customize the style and design and add logos! You can even create seasonal, themed or niche-specific templates and choose different fabric types.