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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

AI art inspiration

Recraft's community of talented AI artists and designers is here for inspiration! Explore the beautiful paintings, drawings, original images and more created by Recrafters.

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How Recraft AI art generator works

Spending hours concepting, drawing or looking for the perfect image? Create unique AI-generated art free online for personal projects or professional ones. Here's how.
Select a style or create your own.
Recraft's style library has all the styles artists love. You can also create your own for even more control over your art.
Type your prompt.
Choose between a raster or vector image. Then, describe what you want to see — the more detail the better.
Generate and edit.
Hit Recraft to generate your AI art. Iterate endlessly with our full suite of design tools.
Export in any format.
Select one or more images and export as JPG, PNG, SVG or Lottie in a single click.

Generate AI art in any style

Feel like watercolor? Need to apply your own brand style or palette? Maybe you want a 3D glossy render? The possibilities are infinite with Recraft's AI art generator.
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Transform words into custom AI art in seconds

Recraft's AI painting and drawing generator helps you quickly create images you love — perfect for posters, presentations, e-commerce, social media and so much more!

Polish your AI images with precision

Enjoy total control over your AI art. Edit the color palette of your paintings. Adjust the level of detail in your drawings. Increase the resolution of your images. How you bring your art to life is up to you!

AI art generator FAQ

What is an AI art generator?

An AI art generator is an easy-to-use design tool that lets professional or amateur artists quickly generate original images, based on text prompts. Create watercolor paintings for your side gig, sketches to visualize concepts or photorealistic images for your social media.

What types of AI art can I make?

You can make all kinds of AI art, including realistic paintings, black-and-white pencil sketches, 3D renders, pixel art and more! Need a watercolor painting of a chihuahua in a sweater? Or maybe realistic labels for your new wine company? Just type it in the prompt, and Recraft does the rest.

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. You can easily generate and modify original images, vector art, illustrations, icons and 3D graphics using Recraft's AI design tools. Start from scratch using a text prompt, upload an image and and edit it to your liking or upload a brand style to generate beautiful, custom AI art.

Can I edit my art after it's been generated?

Absolutely! You can modify your AI art using Recraft's design tools until you're satisfied. This includes changing the color palette, increasing the level of detail and even removing elements. Looking to enhance the quality of your images? Recraft can help with that, too!

What formats can I generate AI art in?

You can export your images as JPG, PNG, SVG or Lottie files — it's up to you!

How many styles are available in Recraft's drawing and painting generator?

The limit doesn't exist! You can choose from Recraft's most-loved style presets or create a style based on your brand. Any styles you create get saved to your library for future projects.

Do I need prior experience to generate AI art with Recraft?

No. Whether you're a professional designer or an aspiring AI artist, you can make AI art that turns heads with Recraft. Recraft's AI design tools are very intuitive and easy to use.