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One-click AI image upscaler

Your imagination – powered by the best AI graphic generator. Create stunning AI images online with the free text to image generator that turns type prompts into incredible editable graphics.

Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

Anatomically perfect raster + vector images

Generate anatomically perfect raster images – like illustrations or photorealistic art – and vector images – perfect for icon sets, ads, banners and printables. Get the best quality and the most flexibility with Recraft's free AI image generator.

Edit AI images with precision and control

Perfect your AI creations with the only AI image generator that comes with a built-in set of design tools! Recolor, change the opacity level, slide to modify level of detail, remove elements and iterate to utter perfection.

How to erase objects from images using AI

Import or generate an image
Paste, import or generate images directly in the platform.
Select the ‘Erase area’ tool
With your image selected, locate the AI eraser in the toolbar (your cursor will change once selected!)
Draw around the area you wish to delete
Draw around the thing you'd like to remove. You don't have to be perfect - but try to get the whole object within the area.
Click 'Delete area' and watch the magic happen
Once the area has been drawn, select delete area in the prompt window.

Generate AI images in endless styles

Feel like Photorealism? Got your own brand style or palette to apply? Need a seamless background pattern or a glossy 3D render? The sky’s the limit with Recraft's AI design generator.

What users say about Recraft AI

AI eraser FAQ

What is an AI eraser?

An AI eraser is an AI-powered tool that removes objects from images in an intelligent way. The Recraft AI eraser understands the context of your image, so it makes sure your edits look natural.

How does the AI eraser tool work?

It’s really simple. You can either upload your own image or create an image with the Recraft AI image generator, click the ‘Erase area’ tool in the toolbar, lasso the area you want to edit or the objects you want to remove and click ‘Remove area.’

Can the AI eraser remove anything from an image?

Absolutely! You can remove tiny details, like freckles or blemishes, edit out entire objects, like trees or houses, or just reduce noise in an area of your image. Anything goes with the Recraft AI eraser!

What file formats are supported by the AI eraser tool?

You can upload any JPEG or PNG that’s up 16Mpx, but you can also use the AI eraser on AI images you generate with Recraft. That means you can vectorize any raster image, use AI erase, and then export your image as SVG or Lottie. Endless possibilities in Recraft AI design tool!

Is the Recraft AI erase tool free for everyone?

Yes! And you also get free access to a whole set of AI design tools that let you play around with AI text to image prompts and color palettes and all kinds of styles. You’re going to love it.

How do I get the AI eraser?

It takes less than a minute to start using the Recraft AI eraser on an infinite design canvas with a full set of powerful AI design tools. Sign up at

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. It lets you easily generate and endlessly iterate original images, vector art, illustrations, icons, and 3D graphics using the power of an AI. You can start from scratch using a text prompt, upload an image and modify everything about it and even upload a brand style to generate on-brand images, AI photos, icon sets and other visuals.