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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

AI icon inspiration

Need ideas? Jump into the community gallery to see all the icon designs, AI art, stunning imagery and high-quality graphics created by Recrafters.

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How to create an icon set in seconds

Recraft AI icon generator is super easy to use and a huge time saver. With one click, you get a full set of icons in the same style. Use it for websites, iOS app icons, or any kind of marketing collateral.
Select a new image set
Click ‘New image set' to create a blank image set of 6 panels.
Set your icon style
Select a style from the style panel.
Type up to 6 AI prompts
Describe each icon in as much detail as you want. You can set level of detail and even add a color palette.
Generate. Regenerate. Export
Hit Recraft to create your icon set. Want to iterate? Easy – just click an icon and hit Recraft again. Export your icons as individual PNG or JPG files.

AI icon sets in any imaginable style

Feel like Photorealism? Got your own brand style or palette to apply? Prefer a more primitive outline style icon set? Your imagination is the limit with Recraft's AI image set generator.
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Superfast one-click AI icon set generator

No other tool lets you create a full set of 6 AI-generated icons in one click with total control over style. You can even iterate your results until you’ve got the perfect set of icons.

Match icon style with website look and feel

Recraft free online icon generator gives you total style control. Select a preset from the style library or generate a style using reference or branded images. Perfect for iOS icons, websites or app design. Enjoy full creative freedom with Recraft.

AI icon generator FAQ

What is an AI icon generator?

An AI icon generator is an easy-to-use design tool that lets professional or amateur designers quickly generate original icons based on AI prompts. It gives creativity a lift and speeds the process of icon design.

What is unique about the Recraft AI icon generator?

A lot! Recraft AI icon generator is a free online tool that lets you generate a set of up to six sleek icons in one go. You can set any style you want. Just describe what you want to see and Recraft creates an original set of 6 exportable icons in a consistent style. You can iterate any or all of the six icons until you are fully satisfied with your icon set.

How many icon styles are available in the Recraft AI icon generator?

There is absolutely no limit! Recraft style presets offer you a variety of the most commonly used icon styles, like pictogram, line art, color outline or doodle. You can also create your own styles based on styles you like or based on brand elements. Styles you create are added to your style library.

Are icons generated by the Recraft AI icon generator unique?

Totally unique! These are not stock vectors. They are original pieces you create by enhancing your own creativity and design sensibility with AI.

Is the Recraft AI icon generator free for everyone?

Yes! And you also get free access to a whole set of AI design tools that let you play around with AI text-to-image prompts and color palettes and all kinds of cool AI design tools. Whilst you can use your generated images commercially, they are owned by Recraft and are publicly displayed in the community gallery.

How long does it take to generate a set of icons?

Upto 30 seconds! Depends how long it takes you to select a style and type your prompts. The Recraft AI engine is fast – it generates all 6 icons in the time it takes to take a deep breath.

Can I customize the icons generated by the Recraft AI icon generator?

Sure! you can keep iterating the icons, one by one, until you are satisfied with your icon set. Recraft maintains the style across your whole set of 6 and iterates new images based on the same style, so your 6 icons are always cohesive.