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Free AI image generator online

Your imagination – powered by the best AI graphic generator. Create stunning AI images online with the free text to image generator that turns type prompts into incredible editable graphics.

Trusted by brands and creators

Free AI image generator online

Your imagination – powered by the best AI graphic generator. Create stunning AI images online with the free text to image generator that turns type prompts into incredible editable graphics.
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Totally free. No credit card required.

Trusted by brands and creators

Anatomically perfect raster + vector images

Generate anatomically perfect raster images – like illustrations or photorealistic art – and vector images – perfect for icon sets, ads, banners and printables. Get the best quality and the most flexibility with Recraft's free AI image generator.

Edit AI images with precision and control

Perfect your AI creations with the only AI image generator that comes with a built-in set of design tools! Recolor, change the opacity level, slide to modify level of detail, remove elements and iterate to utter perfection.

Generate AI images in endless styles

Feel like Photorealism? Got your own brand style or palette to apply? Need a seamless background pattern or a glossy 3D render? The sky’s the limit with Recraft's AI design generator.

How Recraft AI image generator works

Select a style – or create your own
The Recraft style library has the go-to styles design pros use most plus the hottest new ones. You can also create as many new styles as you want.
Type a prompt. The sky’s the limit!
Create a new project, select raster or vector image and describe what you want the Recraft AI image generator to create.
Generate. Iterate. Upscale.
Hit Recraft to generate your AI image and iterate your designs endlessly with with a full set of design tools.
Export in any format you want
Select a single or multiple images and export in one click as SVG, PNG, JPG or Lottie.

Explore the community

Get inspired by Recraft’s talented community of artists and AI designers. Browse to discover new techniques and ideas to generate stunning images from text.

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What users are saying about Recraft AI image generator

Very handy in my work. Enjoy creating illustrations with Recraft. Really love speed and the results. Highly recommend!

Alexander Karavaev

Recraft is absolutely amazing when it comes to vector image generation. The UI is really polished and pretty intuitive and tutorials are also provided on the platform.

Daniele Manca
Front End Engineer

Freaking amazing. I think I now lost my designers for a week or so, since they are so thrilled to go through all the app has to offer. We are currently in the phase of rebranding, so this should be a lifesaver for generating new ideas, graphics and craft (and recraft?) the ideal style for us.

Alexandra Klimenko

Hi guys! Im impressed by the quality of illustrations you generate. Way more better that, for instance, Stable Diffusion. And having SVG makes it way more useful in real interfaces. The only thing I would like you to add is an ability to upload our own set of images (PNG or SVG) with our own style (our character/mascot) so we can generate more illustration using our existing images. Is it possible in the future? Thanks! And congrats with the launch!

Igor Lyubimov
CPO @ FindMyKids

Recraft is an absolute gamechanger. I used many different ai tools already, but recraft beats them all. Accurate, fast and consistently improving. Thank you for your work and keep going.

Lukas Egli
Curious Man

🤩 Whether you're a designer, marketer, or entrepreneur, this platform empowers you to create captivating graphics that elevate your brand's visual identity. 🚀

Timothy Upai Lindris
Tech & Innovation, Branding, UI/UX

The best AI image generator on the market right now.

Tomas Laurinavicius
Founder, Marketer, Designer & Writer

This is the first time I comment on this site and I just did to say that this is absolutely amazing. The absolute level of care and attention to detail is outstanding. Not to mention the quality of the results and the ability to make tiny adjustments within the same app is mind-blowing. As a fellow developer, mind if I ask what's your stack?

David Alejandro

AI image generator FAQ

What is an AI image generator?

An AI text to image generator is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – an AI-powered tool that takes a text prompt, processes it, and creates an image that best matches the description given in the text prompt. With AI image generation, the only real limits are your imagination 😏

What formats can I generate images in?

Recraft AI image generator lets you export your images as SVG, PNG, JPEG or even Lottie files. You can also multi-select and export several images in one go.

Is the Recraft AI image generator free to use?

100%! You can generate as many images as you want with the Recraft free text to image generator. Images you generate become part of the Recraft community gallery. Want to own your images, just choose our monthly or annual subscription.

How can I improve the quality of the images generated?

Recraft AI image generator lets you upscale your image in a single click to enlarge and sharpen it and remove blur. To boost the level of detail, just click Enhance Detail in the toolbar.

Is it possible to edit an image after it has been generated?

Absolutely! Recraft AI image generator is built right into the Recraft AI design platform – a browser-based online AI design platform that lets designers, illustrators and marketers generate and endlessly iterate original images, vector art, illustrations, icons, and 3D graphics using the power of an AI.

Is Recraft AI image generator design platform free?

Yes! Recraft has a free version with most of the functionality that designers need as well as a paid subscription version. We recommend you start for free and see if you need the additional functionality of the paid subscription. Sign up at