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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

AI logo inspiration

Need ideas? Recraft users are full of them. Jump into the community gallery to see all the logo goodness, AI art, imagery and high-quality graphics created by Recrafters.

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How to create a logo with AI in seconds

Go from scratch to polished, professional-looking logos in seconds. Recraft logo maker accelerates your work and enhances your creativity. Super easy (and fun) to use.
Log in. It's free.
Sign up at totally free. No credit card required. No monkey business! You just need an email.
Create a logo project
Open a new project, select 'Vector image,' open the 'Vector' style panel, hit the logo tab and click 'Logo'
Type a prompt
Ah, the beauty of AI – you can make your logo prompt rich with detail or keep it simple. Don't forget to add a company name.
Generate. Fine-tune. Export.
Hit Recraft and select from the 5 logo options. Click export – or stick around and play on the infinite canvas with powerful AI design tools.

Edit your logos with powerful AI tools

Recraft AI logo generator includes user-friendly design tools to help you easily modify the color palette, rasterize the logo, turn it into a pattern, and adjust the level of detail. Create unique AI logos that will make your brand stand out.

See your AI logo in the world – mock it up

Want to see your logo out in action? Put it on a T-shirt or mug, display it in different formats for a client. Just click the mockup icon in the toolbar, type where you want to see your logo and drag your logo to the item.

AI logo generator FAQ

What is an AI logo generator?

An AI logo generator is an easy-to-use design tool that lets professional or amateur designers quickly generate original logos based on AI prompts. Create startup logos, logos for brands, cafes, any kind of business. The Recraft AI logo maker gives creativity a lift and speeds the process of logo design.

Is design experience necessary to use the AI logo generator?

Absolutely not! Professional designers do love Recraft, but anyone can try their hand at AI logo design with the Recraft AI logo generator. It’s super easy to use.

How do I make a logo transparent?

Easy – you remove the background! : ) Just click the scissors icon in the toolbar and your logo background will be transparent and ready for export.

Can I download and save the logos created by the AI logo generator for free?

Of course you can! Logos can be exported as PNG, JPG, SVG or Lottie, but the best formats for logos are scalable vector formats like SVGs or high-res PNGs. You can generate and export as many logos as you want for free.

Can I customize the logos generated by the Recraft AI logo generator?

Yes – and this is where Recraft really shines. You get a full set of powerful AI design tools that are easy to use. You can upscale to enhance your image, add a color palette or keep iterating the logo design until you love it.

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. It lets you easily generate and endlessly iterate original images, logos, vector art, illustrations, icons, and 3D graphics using the power of an AI. Start from scratch using a text prompt, upload an image and modify everything about it, or even upload a brand style to generate on-brand images, icon sets and other visuals.

Is Recraft AI design platform free?

Yes! Recraft has a free version with most of the functionality that designers need as well as a paid subscription version. We recommend you start for free and see if you need the additional functionality of the paid subscription. Sign up at