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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

Explore AI art in the Discord community

Recraft Discord channel is a living, breathing AI art community. Jump in for inspiration. See how AI artists and designers are creating new styles. Get tips on how to be creative with AI text-to-image prompts. Showcase your own AI creativity. It's a 24/7 AI jam.

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How Recraft Discord bot works

Discord brings AI creatives into the same space to share, exchange, and work/play together. Get inspired by how other designers endlessly use Recraft AI to extend creativity with the Discord AI bot. You can save/export any image you see in the Recraft Discord community.
Login to Discord on desktop or mobile
Recraft works on desktop and iOS + Android devices. Make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and go to the Discord #image-gen channel
Type a prompt
Type /recraft in the text field, select ‘prompt’ and type a text prompt to generate your AI image. The Recraft AI engine is powerful – be as descriptive as you want.
Play with parameters
Modify aspect ratio, use style prompts, add a color palette. Your imagination’s the limit.
Create and export
Click enter and wait a few seconds while your AI art is generated. Select one of the two image variations. Click the number below it to upscale it for better resolution.

Create AI art in a community hive

Recraft Discord AI bot lets you work natively in Discord, getting inspiration from the community and iterating your designs. You can also grab any image you see, export it, open it in Recraft, and edit it on the Infinite Canvas.

Use parameters for AI design precision

Play with style parameters, like illustration, pixel art, glow, 80s, kawaii, photorealism, plastic-3D, vector art, or doodle-line art. Create an image in the style of another image using --sref. Add a hex color or a full-color palette. Discord AI bot is loaded with parameters that let you create AI art with control and precision.

Discord AI image generator FAQ

What is a Discord AI bot?

A Discord bot is a programmable bot that is added to a Discord server in order to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed by humans. Discord bots can do things like send private chats and texts, and are being used for a wide range of uses – like the Recraft Discord AI bot, which lets users enter prompts to generate AI images.

What can I do with the Discord AI image generator?

Recraft boosts your creativity by letting you use descriptive text prompts to turn your imagination into original images, vector art, illustrations and 3D graphics. The Recraft Discord AI bot lets you use prompts to set parameters so you get a high level of control when creating AI art in Discord.

Who uses the Recraft Discord AI image generator?

Discord brings AI creatives into the same space to share, exchange and work/play together. The Recraft community is a hive for AI creatives, illustrators, marketers and graphic designers who come together to inspire one another to extend their creativity with AI.

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI art and design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. It lets you easily generate and endlessly iterate original images, vector art, illustrations, realistic mockups, and 3D graphics using the power of AI. Start from scratch using a text prompt, upload an image and modify everything about it, or even upload a brand style to generate on-brand images, icon sets and other visuals.

Is Recraft AI design platform free?

Yes! Recraft has a free version with most of the functionality that designers need as well as a paid subscription version. We recommend you start for free and see if you need the additional functionality of the paid subscription. Sign up at

What is the difference between generating in Discord and generating online?

Generating in both cases uses the same model. However, generating on the web platform allows you to edit and adjust your photo on our infinite canvas.

How does Recraft compare to other AI image generators?

Our 20 billion parameter model scores higher than DALL-E 3 and Midjourney v6 on the PartiPrompts benchmark, meaning the images generated meet the highest professional design standards.