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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

Generate eye-popping SVG vectors + illustrations

Adios pixelation 👋 Recraft’s text-to-vector image generator produces best quality AI vectors for logos, posters, icon sets, ads, banners and printables. Smooth lines. Clear + consistent colors. Endless styles. Scale up to a billboard or down to a favicon without losing image quality. This is your ticket to freedom, designers, illustrators, marketers, creators.
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Free AI vectors
That’s right. Totally free. No credit card required.

How AI text to vector image works

Type a prompt. The sky’s the limit!
Go simple or go bold. Recraft’s powerful AI engine can turn anything into a vector image.
Select a style – or create your own
Select from the style library or upload an image and generate an AI vector in your own style.
Generate. Iterate.  
This is your AI playground, designers. Every tool you need to perfect your vector artwork.

Export as svg, png, jpg or Lottie
Specify your file type, set the resolution and export. Unlimited AI vectors for free!

Create custom vector icon sets with Recraft

The ability to create custom icon sets for clients is a total game-changer. Recraft AI design platform gives you full creative freedom to generate and iterate unique sets of icons with its free and easy-to-use AI vector image maker. Describe a whole set of icons at once, select a style or upload an existing brand style and hit Recraft.
Create vector icon sets
100% free. No credit card required.

Vector generator FAQ

What is a vector image?

Vectors are images that remain high quality when scaled up or down. Vector images are ideal for high-res displays or design projects that require print quality images.

What is the difference between a raster image and a vector image?

Raster images (also called bitmaps) are created using colorized pixels. Enlarging a raster image (png or jpeg) affects its image quality – edges look blurred and choppy (or pixelated). This is a common design challenge that is resolved by using vectors.

Vector images are made up of vector graphics – points, curves, paths and shapes based on mathematical formulas. Vector graphics create clean easy-to-modify images that can be scaled up to billboard size at high resolution without losing any of their sharpness.

Responsive websites, more and more print formats and almost all modern typography now require svg vector file input.

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. It lets you easily generate and endlessly iterate original images, vector art, illustrations, icons, and 3D graphics using the power of an AI. You can start from scratch using a text prompt, upload an image and modify everything about it and even upload a brand style to generate on-brand images, AI photos, icon sets and other visuals.

Is Recraft free?

Recraft has a free version with most of the functionality that designers need as well as a paid subscription version. We recommend you start for free and see if you need the additional functionality of the paid subscription. Sign up at