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January 12, 2024

How to generate a vector logo?

Generate vector logo in seconds for Free with Recraft AI. Export as SVG or PNG.

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1. Login to Recraft

Head over to and log in using your Google account. Follow the onboarding process, and you'll land on the project page.

2. Choose 'Create New Vector Tool' from the Toolbar

Click on the icon and then click on the canvas to sketch the outline of your future logo.

3. Choose Your Logo Symbol Style

Select a style to open the style gallery. Pick a logo symbol to set the style. This cues the AI to generate your logo style.

4. Describe Your Company and Add Its Name

Write a brief description of your company, like 'cleaning service' or 'sports goods.' Then, enter your company name in the next field. Hit 'Recraft' to start generating your vector logo.

5. Finalize or Regenerate Your Logo

You'll see some variations of your logo, including simple black and white, logo with text, and pattern variations. If you want a different design, just press 'recraft' again. Once you're satisfied, click the 'export' button in the top right corner and choose your preferred format: SVG, PNG, JPG, or even a Lottie animation.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free vector AI generation?

Recraft AI: The Ultimate Free Tool for Designers, Illustrators, and Marketing Managers. Effortlessly generate unique images, vector art, illustrations, icons, and 3D graphics with the power of AI. Just type your text and let Recraft, the user-friendly and intuitive AI generator for desktop, do the rest for free.

Can I use images created in Recraft for commercial purposes? Can I sell designs or use them in commercial projects?

Images that you create in Recraft can be used by you for commercial purposes. However, it is not allowed to use images created in Recraft by other people for commercial purposes. No attribution is required. Please see the terms and conditions for more details the terms for more details.

How do I start using Recraft?

You need to go to, sign in with your Google account and go through the onboarding process.After that you will be able to generate images on the website.

Is Recraft free?

There is a free plan in Recraft, as well as a paid subscription. The paid version provides privacy mode and priority generation.

Is there an API?

Unfortunately, we don't have an API and we don't have a plan for it yet.