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Trusted by brands and creators

Trusted by brands and creators

AI album cover inspiration

Need inspiration for your album design? See how Recraft's talented community of artists is capturing the essence of their sounds with custom album, mixtape and podcast covers.

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How album cover generator works

You've perfected your sound. Now it's time to do the same with your album cover! Recraft's AI cover generator lets you create high-quality album art in as little as four steps. No design experience necessary.
Select or create your own style.
Choose a style from Recraft's style library or create your own for even more control over your images.
Type a prompt.
Select a raster or vector image. Then, describe what you want to see in the text-to-image prompt.
Generate your album cover.
Hit Recraft and let the magic happen. Need to make some changes? Edit your album art to your liking.
Export your design in any format.
Select your images and export as JPG, PNG, SVG or Lottie in a single click.

Easy AI album covers in any style

Use custom album cover mockups to represent your artistic identity. Generate photorealistic portraits, vibrant cityscapes, conceptual backgrounds and more — it's your infinite canvas!

Refine your album art until it's just right

Recraft's AI design tools allow you to perfect any element after generating an image. Edit your album cover's color palette, add custom text, layer even more images or enhance the level of detail.
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AI album cover FAQ

How does Recraft's AI album cover generator work?

Recraft's AI album cover generator is an easy-to-use design tool that enables anyone to quickly create custom album cover mockups. Just tell Recraft what kind of album art you want to see using the text-to-image prompt and Recraft generates your image!

What kinds of album covers can I generate?

You can generate a variety of album art for mixtapes, podcasts, and original soundtracks of any genre. Customize your designs based on the style of your sound or brand with Recraft's AI design tools.

What should I include on my album cover?

Your album cover should likely include style-specific imagery and fonts, as well as your logo. Pro tip: Try to keep the imagery more simple if you want your font to stand out.

What is Recraft?

Recraft is a free AI design platform for designers, illustrators, and marketers. It lets anyone easily generate and endlessly edit original images, vector art, illustrations, album covers, logos and 3D graphics using the power of AI.

Can I customize my album cover after it's been generated?

Absolutely. You can change anything about your design, even the style. Recolor the background, enhance the details, erase elements or switch from photorealism to illustration.

Do I need design experience to create album covers with Recraft?

No. Recraft's design tools are intuitive and easy for anyone to use. The canvas even features written and video instructions if you need additional help.